Katsucon 18 meet-up part 2 :)

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Katsucon 18 meet up part 1 :)

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Katsucon Meet-up: A Mini Report

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As I stated before, I just got back from Katsucon 18 this Sunday and I had a great time!!  I met a bunch of wonderful people and great costumes.  On Saturday, we had a lolita meet up, hosted by the wonderful MeowKittyZombie, which had a lovely turn out.



Our sweet Lolitas!


Our Classic Lolitas 😀

I’ll be posting more pictures soon!

Christmas, Please Hurry!!

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Christmas is going to arrive in two weeks!! I’m very excited!  It’s also cold up here in Delaware and I hope that we will get some snow soon!  So here is a coord of warm accessories!

Colder weather (blk)

Velveteen Candy Ribbon JSK (in black)

Sophia Blouse (in white)

Rose and Little Bird Fur Cape (in black)

Ribbon frill over knee socks (in white)

Rose Cameo Gloves (in black)

Charlotte Shoes (in black)


(If you have read Makelovely’s blog, you will see that she has given some helpful tips on staying warm!)

Candy Cane Inspiration

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Since we are in the Christmas season, I’ll be creating a few Christmas inspired looks.  The first is a candy cane inspired lolita outfit:

The Kuro Ballerina

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I just wanted make the kuro lolita version of my previous post on the shiro lolita.

Kuro Lolita Ballerina

Doll Romantica (in black)

Odette Toe Shoes (in black)

Big ribbon bag (in black)

Classical Roselyne head bow (in black)

(I would most likely wear a pair of nice black tights this time)

The Shiro Ballerina

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I thought that it would be fun to piece together a ballerina coord in all white.

Shiro Ballerina

Doll Romantica (in white)

Odette Toe Shoes (in white)

Big ribbon bag (in white)

Classical Roselyne head bow (in white)

(I would most likely wear a pair of nice white tights.)

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