I CANNOT express how happy I am right now

10/12/2012 § 2 Comments

I am crying because my mom just told me what my birthday gift was.

Because my birthday is on November 18th my parents are letting me go to San Francisco to attend the Angelic Pretty Tea Party!!!!  I am floored right now. I have never been to California before nor have I every seen an Angelic Pretty store in person.  I can’t breath.  I have ordered my tea party ticket along with …

this lovely OP right here!!  Cinema Doll in Ivory!

This is my first ever Angelic Pretty purchase!

I am going to cry again.

This made the rest of my life.


I Bought A Dress Form

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I figured that it would be a good investment for planning out outfits!  I ordered this on from Ebay yesterday and received it today!

And the assembly only took about two minutes!

Excited for the 4th!!

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I LOVE the 4th of july!!  I like the music, the fireworks, the patriotic clothing, everything!!  Usually on the fourth, my family watched the Washington DC 4th of July show together on TV.  But this year, we are actually going to Washington DC on the 4th to see the performance live!!!  I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time and I can’t properly express my excitement! (even if it is only June 7th :D)  In honor of my excited-ness, I made a red, white and blue coord using Angelic Pretty’s French Cafe JSK mixed with offbrand.

4th of july

Until Next Time!

New Hair and Fun Nails.

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Hi Everyone!!! It’s been a little while since I had anything to post…so I figured I should do something. This past Tuesday, I decided to get a hair cut!! I’ve never had short hair before, so this was a very new experience for me!

Here is my new hair! (please ignore the boring Tshirt)

Here is the side view!

Next up are my nails. I ended up painting them mint green with dots and rhinestones.  On one of my fingers, there is a bunny character, on a few others are hearts and bows.  I managed this by painting them out on a sandwich bag, after they were dry, I peeled them off and applied them to my nails.(I found out about this technique after watching this tutorial on youtube)

Hope to have more stuff to share soon!

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter Everyone!!  Nothing too exciting today, I just figured I’d post something! 😀

These are the shoes I bought for the dress mentioned in my previous post,  I ended up going for a slightly more retro look today instead of the lolita look:

And just a picture for fun!

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Fun Buys!…and Zelda!

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Hi again!! I have been lazy about updating this thing! So today I decided to take some pictures of a few things I have bought!

1) Comic Strip Converse!!!! (just for fun)
I love these things!(even if they make me feel nerdy…) They are really fun to look at and fairly colorful!


2)Strawberry Apron!

I found this at Marshalls.  It was only $10 too.

Close-up of the apron’s print:

3) Black Sleeveless Frilly Top!

Also found at Marshalls.  I found this when I was looking through various clothing racks.  The neckline has cute ruffles, as do the arm holes, and the top area is a pretty lacy material.  I felt pretty lucky! (forgive the extra lack in quality with this shirt,  for some reason my web cam especially dislikes black shirts…)

And on a side note….

I decided to play one of my all time favorite games again!  Ocarina of Time!!!!  It never gets old!!

Anyway,  I hope to be a bit more committed to updating sometime in the future!

Until then!

Just Another Update but with Nails!

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Hey Everyone!  I’m sorry about the lack of updating, I just got over a stomach virus  (>_<), but I’m fine now, and after I recovered, I made my first set of nails!  They were inspired by St. Patrick’s Day:

I really enjoyed painting them!  I look forward to decorating more!! ( I hope to do more OTT deco nails after I practice using acrylic powder. 😀 )

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