Katsucon 18 meet-up part 2 :)

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Katsucon 18 meet up part 1 :)

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Katsucon Meet-up: A Mini Report

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As I stated before, I just got back from Katsucon 18 this Sunday and I had a great time!!  I met a bunch of wonderful people and great costumes.  On Saturday, we had a lolita meet up, hosted by the wonderful MeowKittyZombie, which had a lovely turn out.



Our sweet Lolitas!


Our Classic Lolitas 😀

I’ll be posting more pictures soon!

GEO Bambi Apple Green Lenses

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I received my first ever pair of colored contacts from Honey Color today and they are lovely.  They are from the GEO Bambi series in the color Apple Green.  I ordered them on Feb. 5th and received them today Feb. 14th.

They came in a cute little case

This is how they look without flash:

and with flash:

and with a full face (forgive my everything in this picture…) 😛

overall they seem pretty comfy and I love the color!!  I can’t wait to buy another pair!

My New Bodyline Skirt~

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I recently bought a beige high waist skirt off of the EGL Sales Comm.  I had looked at this skirt on Bodyline for quite some time (since it came out…) but I could never bring myself to buy it.  When I saw it for sale on the comm.  I decided why not buy it.  I must say, I am glad I did!  This is a beautiful skirt made from a nice weight material, not light and not too heavy.

Here is the front of the skirt:

It has a lovely little corseting detail on the waist portion, and the ruffles trimming each segment of the skirt are so cute!

The back has some shirring:

A close up of the skirt’s waist:

I am so pleased! 🙂

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