M.A.C. Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Love Forever

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I’ve been looking around for a nice bright pink lipstick.  I tried Revlon Color Burst lip stick in Candy Pink, I liked it at first, but after a while i found that it was drying my lips,when used over chapstick, it didn’t apply well and the color didn’t look as bright as I wanted it to.  So I decided to look around the MAC cosmetics website and found this lovely lipstick.  It does feel a slight bit dry, but putting chapstick on under it solved that problem and the color remained it’s bright pink with blue undertones.

It comes in a skinny, Black tube and this is the color.

On the lips:

Overall, I really like this lipstick, the color was the exact shade of bright pink I had been looking for.


Relaxed/ Romantic Mood Polish

06/25/2011 § 2 Comments

I tried on one of my new mood polishes from Icing’s.

This is what the relaxed/ romantic polish looks on nails.  When warm, it is a yellow-ish cream color and when cold, a lovely, rosy pink.

I really like this polish!

Gothic Lolita Split Wig Review!! (Lots of pictures)

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I must say I was surprised at how fast This shipped!!

Fri. Jun 17- I placed my order

Sat. June 18- my package was processed in Huston, TX

Sun. June 19-it reached Philadelphia

Mon. June 20- it arrived in the mail

It arrived in a bubble wrap envelope.  Inside the envelope, the three parts of the wig were all in netting.

The Wig is sooo nice!!! I love the color and the thickness! It is also nice and soft.   The brown is a lovely redish brown, and the other side is a blonde/ light brown.

(with Flash)

(without flash)

(with flash)

(without flash)

(both pic with flash and forgive my face XD)

I really like how this wig looked on 😀  I’m glad I chose this color.  I will definitely be buying from them again.

Until Next Time!

So I Bought Something…

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I have been prepping  for Otakon over the past months (I am soooooo excited :D).  As I was thinking about outfits, I decided that I wanted to get a not too normal wig for fun.  My problem was I didn’t have a wig like that D:  So after I got paid, I decided to buy the Mocha/ Almond split wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs (Cosplaywigsusa).

I don’t really care too much for split wigs, but after seeing this wig on people, I decided to give it a try 😀  My wig was shipped earlier this evening and I look forward to writing a review when it gets here.

Until Next Time!!

Excited for the 4th!!

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I LOVE the 4th of july!!  I like the music, the fireworks, the patriotic clothing, everything!!  Usually on the fourth, my family watched the Washington DC 4th of July show together on TV.  But this year, we are actually going to Washington DC on the 4th to see the performance live!!!  I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time and I can’t properly express my excitement! (even if it is only June 7th :D)  In honor of my excited-ness, I made a red, white and blue coord using Angelic Pretty’s French Cafe JSK mixed with offbrand.

4th of july

Until Next Time!

Happy Lolita Day!! …oh, and more polish.

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Hi Guys!!  I wanted to say…

Happy International Lolita Day everyone!  I also wanted to upload some pictures of new Mood nail polish and OPI Teenage Dream being worn!

Here are my two new mood polishes, Relaxed/Romantic and Serene/Stormy

And here Is Teenage Dream!

Until Next Time!

New Nail Polish!

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Today I went to Trade Secrets and found that they had a nail polish I had been looking for in stock, so instead of buying lunch, I bought…

OPI Teenage Dream!!!  I have to say that the camera doesn’t do the sparkle any justice,  It is ridiculous how this polish shines and sparkles in the sun light!!!  I can’t wait to wear this!   I also got my nails done the other day so now they are painted a new nail color that has been placed in the upper section of my nail polish want list.  It was part of the OPI 2009 holiday collection so I’m gonna have to do some searching to find it…

OPI Merry Midnight.   In the light, You can see golden red flakes and blue glitter shining on the nails!  This has become a favorite shade of purple.

Until next time!!!!

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