Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter Everyone!!  Nothing too exciting today, I just figured I’d post something! 😀

These are the shoes I bought for the dress mentioned in my previous post,  I ended up going for a slightly more retro look today instead of the lolita look:

And just a picture for fun!

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic day!


Offbrand For Easter!

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As everyone knows, Easter Sunday is coming up, this meant it was time to go off on the adventure known as finding an Easter dress. I wanted to find a dress that I could add to my lolita wardrobe but, I knew that may not be too easy. Until I went to Boscov’s. As I searched through the racks in the lady’s dresses, I came across a lovely, light pink color. When I picked up the dress, I found it was what I was looking for. The neckline wasn’t low and it was a pretty color, but what about the skirt? I hoped and hoped as I lifted the sides of the skirt and to my surprise, the skirt was big enough to fit a petticoat!

Dress without petticoat:

with petticoat:

side view:

I’m so glad I found this dress!!  I hope to be able to find more dresses like this one!

Spring Stroll.

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Some more springy stuff!

Petticoat?…and trying on more stuff.

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I’ve needed to get a petticoat for a while now, I was gonna buy one eventually. However today, I looked through a bin of old dance costumes from years ago and realized my ballet skirts are puffy! So I rummaged through the bin and found one of the skirts. I was soo excited! It is even cupcake shaped! Now I have a “petticoat” the will hopefully maintain the shape (it has for 6 years already…)
This is what the “petticoat” looks like:

The inside:

Lucky for me, the skirt is just the right length, too!

And Just for fun, here are some pictures I took while trying on my wonderland coord with my wig (I do need a new wig though and I hope to be buying on from cosplaywigsusa)

The outfit:

Skirt: Bodyline

Blouse: Rave

Cardigan: Target

Socks: Burlington Coat Factory?(I can’t remember, we’ve had them for years)


Until Next Post!

Fun Buys!…and Zelda!

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Hi again!! I have been lazy about updating this thing! So today I decided to take some pictures of a few things I have bought!

1) Comic Strip Converse!!!! (just for fun)
I love these things!(even if they make me feel nerdy…) They are really fun to look at and fairly colorful!


2)Strawberry Apron!

I found this at Marshalls.  It was only $10 too.

Close-up of the apron’s print:

3) Black Sleeveless Frilly Top!

Also found at Marshalls.  I found this when I was looking through various clothing racks.  The neckline has cute ruffles, as do the arm holes, and the top area is a pretty lacy material.  I felt pretty lucky! (forgive the extra lack in quality with this shirt,  for some reason my web cam especially dislikes black shirts…)

And on a side note….

I decided to play one of my all time favorite games again!  Ocarina of Time!!!!  It never gets old!!

Anyway,  I hope to be a bit more committed to updating sometime in the future!

Until then!

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