First Day Wearing Lolita on Campus! (part II)

02/24/2011 § 5 Comments

Good News!!!  Nothing negative happened today!!  My friends thought I looked cute and I enjoyed wearing my skirt.  Even at the end of the day,  I was still trying to grasp the art of sitting with layers of skirt… Here is what i wore today!(sorry about the bad web cam pictures!)

With the jacket:

And without the jacket:

I also got a unexpected present from my friends.  When they were at Katsucon, they got me a lovely, hug-able…

Usa-chan!!!!  I was thrilled to receive it!!!  It really made my day.  So overall, I rate today a lovely, lolita day for me!  Now I must build up my classic wardrobe so I may have more lolita days!!

Until my next post!!(which is supposed to be tomorrow…)


First Day Wearing Lolita on Campus!

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Hi everyone!  As you read in the post title, today is my first day wearing a lolita outfit to school.  So far, nothing negative has happened which is a good thing!  I’ve been slowly understanding how I need to sit in chairs in a way that doesn’t mess up my skirt.  I didn’t realize how much room it can take up.  Anyway, I’ll do another update post at the very end of my day!

Until then!

Spring Time Is Approaching!

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I like the winter, but I am getting to the point where I am almost ready for a season change.  Spring can be lovely with the budding flowers and trees, the grass growing greener, and the awaking wild life.  In honor of this fast approaching season, I have made yet another Angelic Pretty coordinate using their Sugar Pansy print!

Sugar Pansy Head Bow

Lavender Bag



Another Life Post

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Hello Everyone!  If you read my blog regularly, you know how excited I was to go to Katsucon this weekend.  Unfortunately, I won’t be going.  Due to a family situation, I have decided to forfeit the con for something personally important.  I hope to be able to go to Otakon this summer instead!

Hope to post soon!!

A Coord Inspired By Snacking…

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This is just something fun I made using Angelic Pretty’s French Cafe print:

Nothing Too Exciting, Just A Life Post!

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Sorry, this is just an update post.  I haven’t had anything too exciting occur in the past few days… I am starting up class this Monday and I feel pretty good about it.  My classes seem like they are going to be pretty fun.  Katsucon is gonna be here in less than 2 WEEKS!!!!!!  I can’t wait!  All my stuff is ready and outfits have been assembled so now it’s pretty much the waiting game… hopefully these two weeks will fly by!!  It’s gonna be my first ever convention!  Anyway,  I hope I won’t be too distracted with school to update fairly frequently.

And to those who read my updates consistently,  I’m flattered that you find my blog interesting!  I’m glad you all enjoy it!

Another Lolita Find!!

02/01/2011 § 7 Comments

I was out again today shopping, my mother and I were in Kmart.  I was aimlessly waltzing through the shoe area when suddenly, I found these shoes.  I couldn’t believe it!  Red, Mary-Jane styled shoes for $15  And when I thought they couldn’t be better, I noticed that the buckle was even in a heart shape!!!

They were perfect for my Wonderland skirt!  I’m pretty happy about this find!  I never thought Kmart would be where I’d find shoes like this!

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