Hurray! First Coords!!!

01/31/2011 § 4 Comments

I went out in search of items to complete my coords.  I found a cute pink cupcake necklace from Claire’s, and red cardigan from target, some white flats from Walmart, a cream colored turtleneck from Kohl’s, white tights from J.C.Penney’s, and two Bella Terra eyeshadows.  Here is what I have gathered:

1) Blue Floral Coord

This is a nice, calm and more casual looking outfit


2) Wonderland


3) Soft Cream Coord

and an extra,  here are the two eyeshadows:

I’m glad I was able to find all of these things (with the help of my mother 🙂 ).  I hope to have more posts like this to in the future!


A Wig! ….And More Progress!

01/28/2011 § 2 Comments

Today I went to the mall in order to find more items of clothing for my three lolita outfits I’m going to be bringing to Katsucon with me.  I found a cardigan to go with my wonderland skirt, some white tights and  I also bought my first ever wig!!  (sorry about the lack of quality, I have to use me web cam…)

The wig is long, curly and a black brown mix of color!

I feel pretty productive shopping wise!  I even discovered that I have shoes that will work for two of my outfits! (I also bought a few smaller things, but they aren’t that exciting…).  Anyway, I hope to be able to post more clothing finds before Katsucon!

Picture Fun!

01/25/2011 § Leave a comment

So the other day, I was wearing my Soft Cream jsk around my house.  I decided it would be fun to mess around and take some pictures.  Then the photoshop madness ensued…so here is one picture!  I kind of liked this picture because it reminded me of a storybook illustration…

Hopefully my next post will be way more exciting… ^_^;

The Queen’s Coach.

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This coord was created using the AatP print.  I really like this particular print and maybe someday I’ll make enough money to buy it.  Here it is in the red colorway. (please forgive the lack of a blouse)

Yay! A New Post!

01/23/2011 § 3 Comments

Hello again!! I know I haven’t posted in quite some time so I thought it would be a nice to get back to my blog. Nothing interesting has really been happening here and I’ve had quite a dry spell when it came to blog inspiration. Katsucon is coming up in a few weeks (I’m a bit excited about that), it’s going to be my first convention ever!!! I look forward to posting on this blog about Katsucon in the near future! Anyway, I decided that today’s post would be another coord post featuring Angelic Pretty’s Milky Berry.


Milky Berry JSK (in mint)

Milky Berry Socks (in white)

Red Tea Party Shoes

Mint Headdress

Strawberry Necklace

Hopefully I’ll be posting more often in the future….

Trying On (some of) My Stuff!

01/08/2011 § 3 Comments

I was excited about my clothes so I took a couple pictures of it being worn (even though I still lack a petticoat, blouse etc.) sorry about the lack in quality, I’m using my web cam!

First is the Sax Skirt L005:

I like this skirt a lot!!  It’s so pretty!

and the Soft Cream JSK in mint:

I hope to be able to complete these outfits soon!

My First Review!!

01/06/2011 § 3 Comments

My package arrived while I was at work, so when I got home, I was greeted by both of my orders!  So here is my review:

First, I must mention that I was pleased with everything I bought!  It all turned out much better than I hoped! (I don’t have any worn pics yet.  I’m waiting until I get a petticoat first.)

1) Bodyline Skirt L137 in red. The material is softer than I expected and the skirt is thicker that I thought as well!  It fits nicely and comes past my knees.

This skirt is sooo fun looking!  It’s nice and bright, and the border print is cute!

Here is the close-up of the border:

and the lace:

Overall I found this skirt to be pretty nicely made.  I didn’t even find loose thread!

2) Bodyline Skirt L005 in sax.  This skirt is my favorite.  I thought it was going to be pretty when I bought it, but it ended up exceeding my expectations.  Again, the fabric is nice and thick.  The pattern is really pretty.  The picture on the site doesn’t do it justice!

here is the close up of that lovely pattern:

it also has elastic on the waist for a better fit!  This skirt is lovely and I’d recommend it to anyone!

3)Bodyline Soft Cream JSK (L251) in mint.  This is a very sweet JSK.  The fabric is covered in candy, gems, stars and bows.  At the border are ice cream cones with hearts and stars with the words “soft cream” on them.

The border:


and the back:


A) Pink Strawberry Bag.  This is a nice quality bag for the price.  It is a decent size and sits nicely on the sholder.The end of the zipper is a bell!

B) Pocket watch necklace in gold.  I love it!  It feels nice and heavy and it’s fun to look at!

I have decided to continue buying from bodyline!  I’m pleased with everything and my order arrived in a timely manner.

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