I Have Returned!

12/27/2010 § 1 Comment

First off… MERRY CHRISTMAS (sorry I’m late >_<)  I hope everyone had a grand Christmas day.  mine when very well and I was able to have plenty of time with the family.  It’s been kinda busy here and it’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog!  But I have returned from my little blog vacation.

Anyway,  I’ve been constantly looking at lolita clothing and I can say I am loving it more and more!!  Everything can be soooo pretty when coordinated correctly!!  I’m still in the process of saving up my money so I may be able to afford some of these beautiful clothes (this, unfortunately, will take some time…)

I will once again be posting more coords  in my future blogs!  Stay tuned!!


First Outfit?

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So I’ve been sick for a little and in this time, I decided to sketch out outfits that I wanted to buy (to get an idea of what they would look like).  My first sketch was of this coord:

and this was my quick sketch:

whenever I get the money, I hope to buy this outfit!

O Christmas Tree

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While looking through Angelic Pretty’s web shop, I came across a JSK with a Christmas ornament pattern.  Since it is that time of year I decided to make a coord out of the dress for fun!

Ornament Set





Blouse (black)

Blouse (white)


Dreams of Cold Weather

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Winter is coming in quickly so we need to stay warm.  Here is another Chocolate coord to help stay toasty on those chilly December days.

Chocolate coat

Classical Angel Coat (in chocolate x beige)

Heart Scallop Boots (in brown)

2 WAY Party Bag (in chocolate)

Rose Corsage Beret (in brown)

Rose Cameo Gloves (in chocolate)

I may wear these socks in beige as well!

Christmas, Please Hurry!!

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Christmas is going to arrive in two weeks!! I’m very excited!  It’s also cold up here in Delaware and I hope that we will get some snow soon!  So here is a coord of warm accessories!

Colder weather (blk)

Velveteen Candy Ribbon JSK (in black)

Sophia Blouse (in white)

Rose and Little Bird Fur Cape (in black)

Ribbon frill over knee socks (in white)

Rose Cameo Gloves (in black)

Charlotte Shoes (in black)


(If you have read Makelovely’s blog, you will see that she has given some helpful tips on staying warm!)

Some Fun Accessory Items!

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ok so for the past few posts, I’ve been posting some fun outfits.  Here’s a post of a few items from MintyMix.com:

If Ever You Feel the Need to Wear a Deck of Cards…

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Well, here would be your outfit (to an extreme)!

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