Cinema Doll Opening!

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Cinema Doll in Ivory

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I can’t wait for my dress to get here!!

Cinema doll

I CANNOT express how happy I am right now

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I am crying because my mom just told me what my birthday gift was.

Because my birthday is on November 18th my parents are letting me go to San Francisco to attend the Angelic Pretty Tea Party!!!!  I am floored right now. I have never been to California before nor have I every seen an Angelic Pretty store in person.  I can’t breath.  I have ordered my tea party ticket along with …

this lovely OP right here!!  Cinema Doll in Ivory!

This is my first ever Angelic Pretty purchase!

I am going to cry again.

This made the rest of my life.

A Little Haul

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Since I haven made a post in a while, I decided to share a few thing I bout from Forever 21.





My shoes came in…

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and they came wrapped up in a box!

they are Bodyline: shoe259 in red.

Now I know that Bodyline’s shoe sizing can be a bit odd, but after measuring your foot in cm yourself, It is easy to figure out what shoe size you am for Bodyline.

I’m pretty happy with these shoes, not flats and not too high of a heel.

I can’t wait to wear these with the entire outfit I have for the Saturday of Otakon 🙂

This was a pretty productive morning!

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My contacts came in and I know what wig I’m wearing on Saturday during Otakon.

(ignore the lack a make-up)

(just for fun)

I’m sorry about how dead this blog has been, but I will hopefully be getting back into it

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So I apologize to anyone who reads this blog 🙂